Mr Yoda Gunawan

Association Secretary





If you are in Bandung for business or on holiday and are interested in our program, please do not hesitate to contact us. You are always welcome to come and visit our Art in a Box events and participate in the art activities with the street children. You can also visit our great BSCP Home for Girls and see for yourself how much these girls enjoy going to school and living in a real house.




We use Facebook to keep you updated with news and information about our daily activities and to introduce the street children and our outreach workers.


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The Project team is not part of the formal structure of the Association, but is a separate group of people who may or may not be members of the Association.


The Project Team manages and runs the program on a daily basis. Its members are appointed by or in consultation with the Association's Executive Board.


The Project Manager reports to the Executive Board and is responsible for providing the Executive Board with all the information required for its annual reports.


The following people currently make up the Project Team:


  • Ms Mariska Albers, Project Leader
  • [Vacancy], Project Secretary
  • Ms Prima Dewi, Home for Girls Coordinator
  • Ms Ernita Chandrayani, Art in a Box Coordinator
  • Ms Sue McAllister, Medical Coordinator



For more information about the Association itself and the roles within the Association, click here.


As per August 2014, the Association has more than 30 members, but we aim to get many more members.


YOU can also become a member, even if you don't live in Indonesia!


To become a member of the Association, all you need to do is pay the yearly membership fee and fill out the Membership Form. For more information on what it means to be a member or how to pay the membership fee, click here.


In 2014, the following people are on the Executive Board:

Mr Enjang Mulyana, Chairman

Mr Tigor Nasoetion, Vice Chairman

Ms Prima Dewi, Treasurer

Ms Ernita Chandrayani, Secretary


The Financial Control Commission for 2014 still has to be elected.